If Your Sign Says “Pies”…

Call me old fashioned, but if your restaurant has a large sign above the door that says “Freshly Baked Pies,” your restaurant should stock freshly baked pies.  The Market Caffe on Route 228 in Seven Fields, PA doesn’t agree.

I stopped there entirely because they have a large sign proclaiming that they have pies.  No pies were to be seen.  Not even a list of pie flavors could be found.

I asked the woman behind the counter.  “We have pies,” she said, “but they’re special order.  You have to order them 24 hours in advance.”

The restaurant had many other baked goods and full espresso bar capabilities.  I have no idea how any of their offerings taste, though, because I left rather than succumb to the bait-and-switch of their pie sign.

Rating: 0 Oranges, for lying to me with deceptive advertising.

2 Responses to “If Your Sign Says “Pies”…”

  1. Farmer Troy Says:

    Yeah Jesse,
    YOU TELL EM’ . . . darn tootin’ you are MUCHO CORRECTO!!!!

    Are the ones you can order homemade or frozen? Too many frozen pies these days goin’ by the moniker of “Home Baked.” NO WAY!!!

    Chef Pierre’s out of a frozen box don’t count (Eat N Park) either.

  2. Martha Says:

    You just made me remember I forgot to pick up the pies I ordered through the PTA fundraiser. They were going to be pretty good too, from a local farm. Now they are at the town food bank.
    What do I do for Easter Dessert now??? Seriously, any ideas?

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