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Do you know where I can find a COMPLETE list of local farmers’ markets? Citiparks only has the citiparks markets. . . For example, I know there’s one in Oakland on Fridays and one at Phipps on Wednesdays that aren’t listed. I’m wondering if there’s another one today (besides South Side).


A couple of options that might help you:

PASA’s Buy Fresh/ Buy Local program publishes a comprehensive bookmark that they distribute at Phipps on Wednesdays, Market Square on Thursdays, and elsewhere/when that lists the markets alphabetically.  Glancing at it now, I can tell you that on Tuesdays, one can find farmers’ markets in: Bethel Park, Blairsville, Canonsburg, Farrell, Greensburg, Indiana, Latrobe, Meadville, Moon Park, Mt. Washington, Natrona Heights, the South Side, and White Oak.

A guide on the Buy Fresh / Buy Local website will narrow down options by radius for you, but would then require you to click on each option to get its days and times.  This interactive map on the Post-Gazette website will be of more use to someone looking for a market on a specific day.  Each market is flagged with a different color “pin” to indicate which day of the week it operates on.

I hope this helps!  Now, go out and support your local farmers and enjoy the tastiest and freshest meats, eggs, and produce available.  If you need any ideas on how to prepare something, just let me know!

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  1. Paul Says:

    Just Harvest ( always keeps updated information about Farmers’ Markets and Stands at their site. They cite the PG/Google Maps mashup now too (which is awesome!). Someone there does a nice job of keeping current the info on the page.

  2. jwsharrard Says:

    My brother asked me last night, “What about everyone who doesn’t live in Pittsburgh–what if we want to track down our local farmers’ markets?”

    There are a lot of places that aren’t Pittsburgh (which is good, because if everyone discovered how nice it is here, they wouldn’t all fit!). I can’t give specific information for each Not-Pittsburgh… But assuming your Not-Pittsburgh is still in the US, every state in the nation has an agricultural extension service.

    Extension services are easily located by doing an internet search for “{Name of your state} Agricultural Extension”. My best recommendation would be to call yours and ask them where you can find info about farmers’ markets in your neck of the woods.

    Also, libraries are a great resource. If you have a question you don’t know how to answer, call up the local public library’s research desk. It’s amazing the knowledge they know how to find!

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