Sloppy Joe Results

The results are in, and the overwhelming minority has spoken in favor of Open-Faced Joes!

Rory really likes Open-faced Joes!

Sandwich style was favored by a 3-1 margin (18-6), with two of the votes in favor of open-faced style coming from my siblings; and another that was actually ambiguous (I interpreted Janice’s comment that “any misconceptions on the proper eating of a Sloppy Joe can be blamed on the American school cafeteria institution. They slopped it down sandwich style.” in my favor because otherwise I would have had to report that the results came in at ‘more than 3-1′, and I wanted to avoid that wide of a margin).

Otto Schmidlap offers us a bipartisan solution: he eats his neither open-faced nor as a traditional sandwich, but as a sandwich with more filling heaped on top, then tackled with a knife and fork.

But really, when it comes to sloppy joes, everyone wins—simple to make, delicious to eat. Everyone wins!

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  1. MIL Says:

    Love the sloppy joe eater!!

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