Cake Barely Edges Pie’s Popularity

The reason I asked the cake vs. pie question was to test a theory espoused by my high school Latin tacher, Mr. Denis. I remember several occasions when he opined that in general, women are more likely to prefer cake and men are more likely to prefer pie, in a generic sense of each dessert, with no specifics as to what type of either.

According to the seventeen respondents to my survey, he was right, but just barely. Among respondents known to be men, pie edged out cake 3-2. Among respondents known to be women, cake enjoyed a slight edge of 5-4. According to those whose gender was made clear by neither their email address or their web page, cake was favored 2-1.

Pie’s Total: 8
Cake’s Total: 9

I like both, but will usually choose pie.

Key to that decision, though, is knowing that Aunt Millie makes both well. While I really enjoy homemade pie, I’m not a huge fan of most store-bought pies. Thus, if I knew Aunt Millie were the type of person to buy her desserts from the grocery store, I would probably choose cake.

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