Airplane Food Poll

I was talking with my friend Alison last night about how I got stuck in the airport, and she said, “That’s why you always have to have peanut butter and jelly when you go on a plane.”

I realize that PB&J is an eminently travelable choice (especially if you spread both pieces of bread with peanut butter to prevent the jelly from soaking into an unprotected slice), but for some reason, I had never considered it to be airport worthy.

Perhaps because part of my goal when I create airplane lunches is to arouse the jealousy of my seatmate. My all-time favorite is probably avocado and bacon sandwiches, but other memorable meals include leftover ribs and homemade pizza.

Still, I wonder what sorts of things other people pack when they travel. Do you look for ease of creation/transportation? Something hearty? Something compact? Please, give me your travel tips—I’ve re-booked my trip to Massachusetts for this weekend, and I don’t want to be stuck without sustenance again!

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  1. cb Says:

    I always pack a PB&J (PB on both slices of bread, of course) and a couple of pieces of fruit.

    I also tend to take a salty snack (usually Cheez-Its) so that I remember to drink plenty of water (the low humidity in the pressurized cabin causes quick dehydration).

  2. Jim Says:

    Chef Wayne (the owner/chef of the Big Mamou in Springfield, MA) once told me that when he flies he takes about a half dozen dinners from his restuarant with him. When he gets to the plane, he gives them all to a stewardess and asks her to heat them up. The flight crew gets all but one or two, and the passengers go crazy when he’s the only one being served a meal on the plane.

  3. jwsharrard Says:

    Sounds like that ought to be worth an upgrade to first class.

  4. MIL Says:

    We tend to always have a couple of our favorite granola bars. You just have to notify the kind TSA folks that they are in your carry on or they might mistake them for some weapon. Ask your FIL ….he’s had his backpack “researched” many times!! We also carry plenty of life savers and gum….and Imodium AD….just in case!! LOL

  5. Mensch71 Says:

    Until last year, I traveled at least 100,000 air miles each year so I’ve become a bit of a pro on the packing circuit. Here are some suggestions:

    * Homemade trail mix (dried fruit, cashews, dark chocolate)
    * Individual servings of cheese (string cheese, sharp cheddar)
    * Sandwich(es) that I freeze the night before, allowing them to defrost in my carryon luggage.
    * Gum. Lots and lots of minty gum.
    * Individual serving packets of condiments (soy sauce, salt, pepper, hot sauce, spicy mustard) so you can doctor whatever you might have to swallow
    * My own personal favorite travel snack: a whole wheat tortilla, smeared with a mix of hummus, roasted red peppers and feta cheese and rolled tightly. Slice into two portions and seal in ziploc baggies. These will keep for up to 6 hours.

    Happy trails!

  6. Kerstin Says:

    On my way back from Japan a couple years ago, where I had fallen in love with bento, I grabbed a soba noodle bento with me before I boarded. My mother scoffed, but when it came time to “breakfast” and I pulled out my bento, my mom rejected her imitation eggs and begged me to share (which I did, only because she’s my mother and I am kind!) The noodles are really refreshing, and keep for hours as long as you don’t have eggs or meat in them.

    Recreating that can be difficult, not because making your own soba noodles are hard (with a little bit of soy sauce, mirin, some sea weed, sesame seeds, and perhaps some carrots you can make a tasty sauce) but because transporting it can be difficult. I tried Auntie Anne’s freeze-dried versions recently, which just requires water (which flight attendants will supply for you if you ask), but it was dissappointing. Instead I usually take one of those glad tupperwares that I can then dispose of, or save for the trip back, depending on how much I accumulate on my trip!

  7. Johanna Says:

    I fly at least once or twice a week - and I admit I tend to me lazier than I should about food i pack. Usually, I bring a pb & j sandwich for the flight, a couple pieces of fruit, and a bag of pretzels or granola bars to eat once I get there.

  8. Kitarra Says:

    I usually go with granola bars, dried fruit, and usually nuts. I don’t pack anything squishy or anything that can spoil.

  9. ck Says:

    I prefer to take a ham and cheese sandwich. I carry mustard/mayo in small packets to add just before eating. I like sliced red bell peppers on the sandwich. They add flavor and crunch without being too soggy.

  10. joan Says:

    I had no idea I could take any food on board! I thought since they confiscate water bottles, that I could not take anything else. I am going on a trip and want to take some things, like cakes and frosting made ahead and frozen, in a small portable vinyl coler with ice in it. What do you think? Thanks. Joan

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