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I’ve just found out about the Harvest Awards from the Glynwood Center. I’m not really familiar with the center or what they do, but the awards seem like a great way to give recognition to some of the most important people in our lives: the farmers who grow our food. If you know of a farmer that deserves some recognition for what he/she does, please consider going to and nominating them for recognition. Details from the website follow:

Nominate Someone whose work you admire
Glynwood Center is calling for nominations for the 5th Annual Harvest Awards which recognize innovative farmers, organizations, and businesses that are supporting sustainable regional food systems. Please help us recognize outstanding work by nominating someone whose work you admire in the following categories:

The Glynwood Harvest Farmer Award is awarded to a farmer who has developed a sustainable farming operation and built effective relationships within his or her home community and other places where the food is eaten.

The Glynwood Harvest Good Neighbor Award is awarded to an individual or organization that has helped sustain regional agriculture in new and effective ways.

The Glynwood Harvest Connecting Communities, Farmers, and Food Award is awarded to recognize outstanding work that unites farmers and other community residents in building a local food system.

These categories are not intended to limit the nature of the nominations. We welcome nominations even if the “fit” is not precise. We are particularly interested in projects that demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • The farm, food, and health connection
  • How sustainable agriculture can further social justice
  • The key roles being played by younger leaders

    Nominations must be postmarked July 10, 2007.

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