I Invited Some Vegetables Out For Dinner

I invited some vegetables out for dinner and a baseball game the other day and they were happy.

…until they learned my true intentions. “You barbaric beast!” they chided me, but I would hear none of it. And neither would they, once I took their ears of corn.

The vegetables huddled together to discuss their options. Being vegetables, they could think of few.

Garlic made a run for it, but he didn’t get very far before I caught him.

I dragged him over hot coals. He gave up his accomplices.

The ones he ratted out made life tough for Garlic on the inside.

The tomatoes and the tomatillos attempted to form an alliance, but their will was soft and they were easily divided.

Their blood was spilt and their rebellion came to nothing, but these poor fruits did not die in vain. The components (cooked, peeled, and chopped to pieces) returned to life as a roasted vegetable salsa that we, in accordance with PNC Park policy brought with us in a soft-sided cooler to the baseball game (dramatization).

Aurora and I relished every moment we spent with the vegetables’ reincarnated self as we cheered the Pirates on to a 6-1 routing of the Cubs.

2 Responses to “I Invited Some Vegetables Out For Dinner”

  1. Farmer Troy Says:

    Nice photos, nice story, nice food . . . too bad the Pirates aren’t nice.

    Go Steelers!!!!

  2. mom Says:

    I loved your story! Perhaps your next calling might be to write children’s books with a food theme! The vegetable pictures were great and your salsa looked good and very healthful. Too bad that I’m not patient enough to try roasting my veggies.

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