Plantain Chips Found!

Talk about instant gratification. I went shopping in the Strip District this morning and at Reyna Foods (corner of 21st and Smallman) I found Goya brand Plantain chips in three different sizes. I haven’t cracked my bag open yet, so I can’t vouch for their quality vs. the Lays Colombian type, but with only three ingredients in the snack, I anticipate that they will be quite similar. So, if you’re living in the ‘burgh, it’s quite easy to try this snack. If you’re living elsewhere, you should consider moving here because it’s a great city; but short of that, Goya is widely available, so I’d expect that you could find plantain chips in virtually any Latin American market.

2 Responses to “Plantain Chips Found!”

  1. justin Says:

    dang. i was going to suggest looking for Goya products after the first plaintain chips posting, and had i done so, i’d look pretty brilliant right about now.

    but yeah, check your local markets for Goya, it’s possible that they make plaintain chips as well. thank me later!

  2. Troy Says:

    They are also available in Giant Eagle’s Market District (South Hills Village) in the Mexican aisle . . . I picked up a bag today, just to give ‘em a try.

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