It’s Never too Early to Plan your Summer Meals

If you’re an avid gardener, you already know that the time to start your seeds indoors is fast approaching (only 3 months away). If you’re not (or, if like me, you really like having your own garden even though you can’t seem to quite make the leap from sticking plants in the ground and hoping for the best to tending them and achieving the best possible results from your efforts), you still might be interested in trying to start your own plants from seed this year. My friend Samantha sent me a link to a great website that has seeds for a variety of heirloom varieties of many types of plants:

I just got a catalog from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds out of Mansfield, Missouri, which you might be interested in. It is really neat with both ‘old time’, and oddly colored varieties of tomatoes(purple, yellow, white, orange, striped… imagine a tomato-based “white sauce”!), melons, carrots, etc. They also sell a number of Thai/Asian collected fruits and veggies that I’ve never really seen. Check out the site: You might find something you like! Enjoy!

So, best of luck as you wile away the cold winter months with thoughts of the plants you can grow next summer.

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