Solution to the Barbecue Dilemma

I’m visiting my wife’s family for the holidays and we went out today for a look-see at the town where they live, including a stop at a local Kansas City-style barbecue joint for lunch. I’ve written before about my qualm with KC barbecue:

when I go to a restaurant, I like when they prepare my food for me, and that includes tossing the shredded meat with the sauce to evenly coat it. They’ve got the advantage of having large bowls in which they can toss the meat, whereas when they give it to you to dress yourself, you’re stuck having to pour it over the top–whereby half the meat gets loads of sauce and the other half is still nude.

Faced with the same dilemma today, I sprung into action, removing the barbecue from the bun onto the plate and setting the bun aside. Then, using my knife and spoon I tossed my pulled pork with the sauce of my choosing until it was evenly coated and reddish in hue, then returned it to the bun and covered it with an even layer of cole slaw. While I’d still prefer that barbecue places ask you which sauce you’d like and then coat your order with it, at least now I’m equipped with an adequate solution to the dilemma of the undressed meat.

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