Tip from Mom

Whenever you’re using lemon juice for something, zest the lemon before squeezing it and keep the zest frozen for the next time a recipe calls for lemon zest. Also, anytime you have a little leftover lemon juice, freeze it and keep it on hand for recipes. I find that a few seconds in the microwave will thaw just enough of the lemon juice to use in a particular recipe and the rest goes back to the freezer.

Submitted by: Clara Lee Sharrard

Addendum from Jesse:

Obviously, this tip would work for limes and oranges as well.  Also, whenever I zest a citrus fruit, i wash it with soap and water—it makes me feel better about ingesting something that’s been exposed to so many chemicals during the growing process.

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  1. courtney Says:

    I always throw the unusable parts down my disposal to help freshen it. I think citrus is one of the fruits thats easiest to “get your money out of” So to speak because all of it can be used in some way.

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