Berry Heaven

The hills around our cabin at Flaakoie

had a full cover of blueberries

and cloudberries nestled in the marsh.

Raspberries lined the old logging road.

But even amidst such brilliance of foragability, the tiny wild strawberries lurking in odd corners and peeking from trap rock tasted like candy from the vine.

Served atop flaky biscuits with a dollop of creme fraiche.

3 Responses to “Berry Heaven”

  1. Carin Says:

    You need to get back over here. Its like a blueberry bonanza just near our house. My friends got me this comb-tool thing for picking blueberries faster and it works great! They also keep asking how big the farmed blueberries are in the US in comparison. Maybe you could post a picture, if you get some soon?

  2. Farmer Troy Says:

    Berry Heaven/Berry Hell . . .

    Yes, the area around your cabin does indeed look like berry heaven . . . we could’ve used a little more blueberries and raspberries this year on our farm (we had a plentiful sufficiency but could’ve used more for freezing), but blackberries are so heavy that I am actually sick of eating them (right off the bush, with yogurt, blackberry pie, etc.) . . . so you can call it my blackberry hell . . . of course come February, I’ll be wishing for more!!!

    Now, it’s on to eating apple pie . . . the apples are awesome this year (won a ribbon at the county fair for our apples again)!!!!

  3. Martha Says:

    I remember going to visit my grandmother in Michigan and getting sick of raspberries (can I have cereal WITHOUT raspberries please?). Now I see them in the local megalomart and think we ate about $10 worth of berries just on our cornflakes at Vera’s! Good thing she always cooked a bunch of bacon to wash them down with.
    Also check out this video featuring Eastern European Scenery, American Music and wild berries by one of my all-time favorite musicians/scholars ever:

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