Firkins at Piper’s Pub

Way back in May, I read in the Post-Gazette that Piper’s Pub on the south side had started to serve ale from firkins.  Though I didn’t know that word until I read the article, I was familiar with the concept: this is ale which is carbonated by active yeast in the kegs and is hand pumped into the glass: draught beer the natural way.

As I was curious to try the ale, and as Piper’s Pub is hands-down my favorite casual dining restaurant in the city (I highly recommend the lamb-and-chestnut shepherd’s pie above all else; and if your dining companions suggest splitting an order of scotch eggs, the correct response is ‘don’t mind if I do’), I was certain that I would try it within a matter of a couple of weeks.

As it turns out, i just finally got out there again last week; but I did have a firkined ale, and it was definitely worth a mention.  It’s not anywhere near as carbonated as we’re accustomed to having our beers; but it’s definitely not flat, either.  And it’s not ‘ice cold’ the way many Americans think beer ought to be served, but because it has such an enjoyable flavor, it’s actually better warm because more of the complexity comes out.

So, if you enjoy a good beer and you appreciate a fine British ale, I suggest checking out what Piper’s has in their casks and trying a pint of whatever it might be.

Piper’s Pub is located at 1828 East Carson Street in Pittsburgh; (412) 381-3977.

5 Responses to “Firkins at Piper’s Pub”

  1. jim Says:

    So why didn’t you take us there the last time we were in Pittsburgh?

  2. Martha Says:

    What are scotch eggs?

  3. Peter Says:

    Why not have a link so we can email your posts to friends?

  4. Fillippelli the (wannabe) Cook Says:

    Scary. I remember being all excited about going to get some draught after seeing that article in the PG and have YET to make it there. I’ve been hoping to take an afternoon off to go watch some Champion’s League futbol while drinking something on tap, but been hard pressed to make it happen.

  5. jwsharrard Says:

    Jim–because we went to Hough’s

    Martha–a fabulously fatty snack consisting of a hard b oiled egg wrapped in sausage, breadeed, and deep fried.

    Peter–highlight the address bar at the top of the screen by clicking on it with your mouse. If using a PC, hit CTRL+C; on a Mac, use open apple+C. In your email message, hit CTRL+V (or open apple+V) to paste the link.

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