Stupid Economy

I was driving out to Canton, OH, this morning along route 30 East.  I passed a place in WV near the PAborder, “House of Pancakes and Waffles.”  I had passed this business many times before but did not have leisure to stop.  It always tore me up not to stop.  After all, waffles are one of my favorite foods and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  Top drive past this establishment that promised waffles and breakfasts as its specialties and never to sample its wares seems like such a shame to me.  Today, though, I knew would be different.  I would have a bit of time built into my schedule that I could tarry for waffles and pancakes.

On my way back from Canton, I passed up Mary Ann’s doughnuts (please use drive-thru, as opposed to their perfectly good front door) and Earle & somebody-or-other’s steel trolley diner (too may oldies signs in the window) not only for the excuses parenthetically notated, but also because I knew I had my choice of pancakes or waffles awaiting me at the WV/PA border.

But alas, this afternoon,a s I was returning to PA, the sign that had held out promise of tasty breakfast foods was gone.  In its place was a sign that claimed, “closed for remodeling.”

If it was really just closed for remodeling, though, why would every identifying sign on the building have been removed?

Stupid economy.  If I’d known it would claim my favorite restaurant I’ve never eaten at, i would have eaten there sooner instead of waiting until it was gone.

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