Intro to the Bellevue Tandisque

So, my wife says I caught her off-guard posting a piece of fiction whereas until now this had been generally an instructional-type page. The idea behind the Bellevue Tandisque is an inside look at how the commercial kitchen can be. A bit crass? perhaps at times, but that’s how things flow, and if you can’t stand the heat… well, you know the rest. The point of view may shift rapid-fire in scenes on the line; though the changes may cause you some initial confusion, it’s a reflection of the atmosphere when shit hits the fan.

Order Fire Pick-up
Slips coming in faster than ____’s
panties drop on a first date
time loses its relevance
the only when that matters is now because
that’s when things need to be done
and things fall…
into place? or apart?

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