Firehouse Tomorrow

Great news—according to current forecasts, the weather should be just partly cloudy tomorrow from 9:30-1:00, when I’ll be demonstrating knife skills and cooking techniques at the Farmers at the Firehouse farmers’ market in the Strip District (2216 Penn Avenue, at the eastern end of the market district); the rain is expected to hold off until later in the afternoon.

So, come meet the folks who grow you food, get your ingredients directly from the source, and try a taste of whatever I concoct!

Hope to see you there

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  1. Farmer Troy Says:

    Sorry I missed you Jesse,
    I so wanted to visit the F@F market yesterday (I haven’t made it yet this year) and see your cooking, but I was way too busy working on my own farm. I was able to make it into the Meadville Market House Farmer’s Market, so I could at least get some local eggs and some other produce that I’m not growing this year.

    How’d it go?? What’d you end up cookin’?

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