Corduroy Orange on TV

This Saturday, September 19, I will be demonstrating knife skills and cooking techniques on two segments of QED Cooks on WQED (broadcast channel 13). I’ll be giving tips on preparing roasted root vegetables and pilaf with either rice or couscous.

So, please tune in for the whole cooking marathon if you can–or my two segments if you’ve got other stuff going on that will pull you away from your screen. Assuming everything goes according to schedule, I should start my first segment at 11:10 and my 2nd at 12:19.

So, check me out in the comfort of your living room, and then let me (and WQED) know what you think. And, if you’re not already a member of Pittsburgh’s fine public television station, please call in on Saturday and pledge your support–the number will be at the bottom of your screen.

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  1. Susan Barclay Says:

    Hey, Jesse, I just saw this QED Cooks special on Saturday–the 12:19 segment. You did a great job on the show. I thought you were one of the more comfortable chefs I’ve ever seen on there–obviously, your teaching skills make you good in front of the camera. Nice job!

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