Food And…

I’ve often said that there’s a connection between food and any other subject out there.  On occasion, I’ll get a taker who challenges me with subjects they think are unrelated, but so far, there’s always been a connection.  Here are a few examples; and if you don’t buy it after that, throw a couple of topics out there.  Bet you there’s a link.

Food and…


  • Concession stands at all levels of competition, from pee wee to the pros
  • Nutritionists working with some pros to help them achieve weight and maintain physical fitness
  • Sports stars (among other highly paid individuals) hiring private chefs to cook for them.


  • Beets, tea, and coffee as fabric dyes
  • The costume of a chef: double-breasted jacket and toque
  • Food companies using t-shirts as advertising spaces


  • Planting by the lunar calendar
  • Feeding the astronauts in a weightless environment


  • Paleoscatology
  • Whether dinosaurs were carnivores or herbivores impacts how their fossilized remains are interpreted.  Within the past several years, many dinosaur postures have been re-interpreted to reflect this understanding, producing, for example, a much fiercer-looking Tyranosaurus Rex that uses its tail for balance in an obviously predatory stance than used to be imagined, standing erect and seemingly lumbering and slow.


  • Different regions are able to grow different crops.  You’re not going to find, for instance, grapes, chocolate, and citrus all growing in the same region.

…Automotive Engineering:

  • Is responsible for creating the many trucks that ship foods across climate zones so you can find products from around the world in your local store.


  • C’mon, use your imagination!


  • Metaphorically, the different notes that compose a dish work like chords or notes.  Some are pleasing when combined; others clash dischordantly.
  • The music played by an eating establishment can do wonders to establish its tone and attract/ repel various clientele (grandma and grandpa are not likely to be found in the punk rock bar; whereas Johnny Rotten would likely steer quite clear of the Sunday morning smooth jazz brunch).


  • Legitimate food shipments can be used to provide cover for contraband shipped across international borders.


  • Of tropical hardwoods threatens the future of certain nuts (eg Brazil Nuts) and spices (eg nutmeg, mace).
  • Certain food trees are also logged for their woods (walnut, maple, cherry, etc.)

…Anything else? Name it–I bet you there’s a connection.

4 Responses to “Food And…”

  1. jwsharrard Says:

    Really—no takers? I was hoping someone would challenge me with something.

  2. Fillippelli Says:

    How about FOOTWEAR?

    Also, if you haven’t seen this diddy about, well, farm management, I guess you could say, some of your readers might enjoy. I’ve watched it like 5 times. It doesn’t get old!

  3. jwsharrard Says:

    * A pair of work shoes with a non-skid sole is a near-must for the commercial kitchen. They help you to walk across the inevitable oil- and water- spills without slipping; whereas an ordinary pair of shoes can make the floor seem like an ice skating rink.
    * I haven’t done the fact-checking to verify this, but it seems a no-brainer that the leather on your shoes came from a beeve that was slaughtered for food purposes.
    * A bit of a stretch, I suppose, but the fisherman’s waders help her to catch her meal in an environment where ordinary footwear just wouldn’t do.

  4. Sam Haley Says:

    I fully agree with the author that food plays a key role. I always buy a food that I like and have never searched for the reasons not to buy food.

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