Another Reason Not to Eat TV Dinners

I was reading about the most recent ground beef recall, and the article made mention of an industry practice I hadn’t realized existed:

“Companies subject to such recalls are allowed to cook tainted meat to kill the bacteria and then use it in other products, a common practice in the food industry.”

Basically, the beef that shows up in the news for having killed people or caused kidney failure or whatever else can be cooked and re-packaged as your salisbury steak or swedish meatballs or any other pre-cooked beef product that might jump into your grocery cart.

Appetizing, huh?

2 Responses to “Another Reason Not to Eat TV Dinners”

  1. zak822 Says:

    Uggh! The fact that this is allowed shows the FDA really only exists to preserve profits for the food industry. And bear in mind, this comes from someone who runs a business and knows what it means to have to make payroll.

    The FDA used to maintain inspectors in the processing plants. At some point this was deemed unnecessary because processors wouldn’t use unsafe products. And the rules were changed to allow stuff like cooking tainted meat for sale.

  2. Martha Says:

    Really, do we need more than one reason?

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