Hot Apple Cider

So easy yet so good

Lately we’ve had at least a gallon and a half of orchard-fresh apple cider in our fridge at all times. It’s a tasty treat straight out of the icebox, but even better when heated.

I’ll pour some into a saucepan and let it heat slowly on the stovetop. To give it that extra bit of flavor, I spice it up with a cinnamon stick, about 4-6 whole allspice, and about 3 whole cloves. Using the whole spices helps keep sediment out of the bottom of your mug, and it also helps control the strength of the flavors imparted (when using ground cloves, for instance, just a shake too much and they take over the flavor of the drink). Because I keep the heat very low under the pot, the spices have a chance to infuse the beverage with flavor; then, I’ll let it simmer for 5-10 minutes or so just to make sure. If I’m feeling saucy, I’ll add a glug of Calvados to it, though i’ve heard it’s also good with brandy or rum if you’d prefer. Then again, why bother adulterating it when it tastes so good as it is?

Take advantage of the treats autumn offers. Find an orchard not too far from your house and take a weekend drive. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time when you get the tree-fresh apples and fresh-pressed cider.

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  1. Clara Lee Says:

    The microwave works great.

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