Kick Ass Cookery with Corduroy Orange!


Live this Saturday, May 8, 12:00(ish) pm at the Waffle Shop and live online at

This Saturday, May 8, I will be presenting “Kick Ass Cookery with Corduroy Orange!” live from the Waffle Shop.  For the inaugural episode, I’ll be crafting non-traditional waffle toppings (so as to exercise a bit of synergy with the venue).  If you’re in Pittsburgh, come on down to watch me cook and heckle me from the audience (questions from the floor will be accepted, encouraged, and responded to).  Samples will be distributed following the demonstration, and all recipes used will be posted on Corduroy Orange after the demonstration.

The cookery is scheduled to begin at 12:00 pm.  May 8 is the day before Mother’s Day, so please feel free to bring any mothers or children with whom you may associate.  There’s no better way to say, “I love you, Mom!” than by treating her to a waffle accompanied by live cooking demonstrations.

If you’re not local, you don’t necessarily have to miss out on the kickkassery of the event.  Please tune in to watch streaming video at  Unfortunately, due to limits on what can be streamed over the internet, samples will not be distributed to those in the virtual audience.

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  1. justin Says:

    This sounds like a really cool gig- Congratulations!

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