Quite Possibly the Sweetest Corn Available

I spotted a sign while I was driving in Ohio:

“Sweet Corn: Sweeter than your Mother’s Love.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to stop and put their claims to a test.

Recently, though, Aurora and I hosted family from Nebraska and Iowa, each of whom brought a dozen ears of corn for us to enjoy, with claims that their state’s corn was the best.  We tasted and compared each with samples of Pennsylvania corn.

I am somewhat disappointed to announce that PA did not win.  I am somewhat surprised to announce that NE didn’t win, either.  Iowa’s corn was the sweetest of all the samples we tried.

sweeter than my mother’s love…that’s tough to quantify.  But it was darned good corn.

3 Responses to “Quite Possibly the Sweetest Corn Available”

  1. mom Says:

    Corn is sweetest straight from the field. As soon as it’s picked, the sugars start changing into starches. That’s the reason that supermarket corn in the winter doesn’t compare to farm stand corn in the summer. To do an accurate test, you would need to try corn from each place immediately after it was picked. Otherwise, you’re testing how well the corn ages.

  2. Aurora Says:

    Corn from all three places was consumed within at least 48 hours of being picked from the field and Iowa’s still won, hands down.

  3. Cathy Says:

    Wish I could send you some of our Minnesota corn. It’s the best ever!!

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