More Timely Advice—Standing Rib Roast

Hey Jesse,

A confluence of events has led to me hosting Christmas dinner this year.

I’m planning to go all-out with a standing rib roast.  My question is, the rubs I’ve seen seem to call for a ton of salt.  Does that sound right?  Don’t want to dry out a $90 piece of meat.

Thanks much,



I’d go with less salt in the rub, but I’d salt it 3 times:

  • once a day before you cook it, so that as it sits overnight, the salt will have a chance to penetrate;
  • once as you’re preparing to cook it so that there is a bit more immediate of an effect;
  • and then a small sprinkle of sea salt upon slicing it for a finishing effect.

All in all, the amount of salt spread over the three applications may approach the amount called for in the rubs you’ve seen, but the overall effect should produce a better result because the salt won’t be concentrated in a crust on the outside of the beef.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your dinner!

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