Brewing Beer at Copper Kettle

Copper Kettle Brewery in Greenfield offers those of us who don’t have the equipment or experience to home brew a chance to brew our own beer with professional assistance—and someone to clean up after us (which is definitely a plus!).

The kettles are all lined up along one wall.  They are steam-jacketed, which means that they heat evenly and quickly.

They have a pretty decent selection of recipes available, each with its own card and
description of what the end result should taste like.  I chose Scottish Amber, which is
just a little bit hoppy and a little bit caramelly, which makes it a great choice for a
party: it has widespread appeal.

Based on the recipe card, you gather the ingredients that you need.  The hops are measured into differently colored bowls, and the instructions tell you when to add which bowl—so it’s really easy.  I thought it was great to be able to smell and taste the hops while I was brewing, because later when I tasted the beer, I recognized the flavor.  They use dehydrated hop pellets, as opposed to fresh hops, because they are easier to get; cost less; and are less perishable.

You tend to your workstation on occasion; and sip a beer from Hough’s while you do, if you wish.  The attendant is able to explain why you are doing what you are doing and when you are doing it.  When the brewing process is finished, they drain the contents of the kettle to the basement, cool it to the proper temperature, add the yeast, and tend to it for a couple of weeks for you.  They’ll pressurize it in advance of your bottling appointment; your only responsibility is to design a label for your bottle (if you wish to).  This one commemorates our 9th Mardi Gras party (the event for which I brewed and bottled the beer).

Copper Kettle is at 567 Greenfield Avenue, 15207.  Their phone number is (412) 906-9400.

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