Photographic Proof of Breyer’s Falsehoods

Here’s the photographic proof to verify my allegation that the folks at Breyer’s are telling a falsehood when they describe frozen dairy dessert as being made with ‘many of the same high-quality ingredients’ as their ice cream, ‘including fresh milk, cream, and sugar.’

I’m sure their lawyers will tell you that the phrase “many of the same” and the presence of milk, cream, and sugar in the frozen dairy dessert means that they are not lying.  But as anyone even remotely schooled in logic and rhetoric can tell you, there are two types of lies: lies of omission and lies of comission.

The phrasing of Breyer’s claim is intentionally designed to gloss over the addition of corn syrup into the formula.  Also to gloss over the addition of mono- and di-glycerides, guar gum, carob bean gum, and carrageenan.  Basically, more emulsifiers and thickeners to disguise the lower-quality ingredients, resulting in a different texture and an overall cheaper (read: not worth buying) product.

Click on the small picture for a full-sized photo.

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