Thanksgiving Classic

Susan Stamberg always redoes her cranberry sauce recipe every year before Thanksgiving. I can do the same. I mean, why not… it’s my space and the chances of me annoying a reader by posting something old are quite low, seeing as I’ve posted so rarely over the last couple of years that the chance of me having any readers to irk is virtually nil.

Which also means that 100% of the people who read this are likely to use this recipe, because I’m about to go into the kitchen and make a batch of orange-infused cranberry sauce myself. If I’m wrong about no one reading this, feel free to follow this link to make some for your house as well. It will be a tradition you want to pick up every year, too:

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  1. Jesse Says:

    Ignore the no-stirring in the last step. Stir occasionally witha wooden spoon. In addition to bubbles, another sign that it’s done is that the syrup takes a bit to fill in the spoon trail when stirring. The 7-minute time frame was about perfect. Low-medium heat, lowering the heat as the jelly approaches completion.

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