Don’t kill yourself over the avocado!

I don’t live in Pittsburgh, but I could use some knife-skills instruction. I cut myself pitting an avocado the other day. I’d like to avoid more incidents of that kind in the future; bloody avocado doesn’t taste very good.

I want to have my first actual knife skills instructional post up within the next two days, so take a look back soon and there should be something to help you. As far as pitting an avocado goes, it can be a tricky thing to do. The culinary school instructional book tells you to hold the half with the pit in your hand and take a whack at the pit with your knife. Sounds like a great way to slash your wrist to me.

I hope your cut wasn’t anywhere near that serious. To avoid lacerations, I put the half with the pit on the cutting board and (with neither hand anywhere near it) take a whack at the pit with my knife. What’s supposed to happen is that the knife sticks into the pit and you can just twist it out, but if the knife happens to glance off the avocado pit, the worst thing you can do is gouge your cutting board, not commit inadvertant suicide.

Have a culinary question? Email me! I will respond in a future post.

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  1. Corduroy Orange » Blog Archive » Knife Skills Table of Contents Says:

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  2. Edd Says:

    Try using a serrated knife with deep serations like a bread knife it will stick in the pit much easier

  3. Eric Says:

    Actually, there is a more effective and much safer way to pit an avocado. Take the pit-half in one hand and lay your blade down on the flat avocado surface facing the pit. Apply a bit of pressure to the pit where it meets the flat surface and turn the blade up. The pit comes out effortlessly every time and this technique involves no unnecessary flailing of blades.

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