Gambling Baker Puns

Q: Why did the compulsive bettor open a bakery?

A: Because he kneaded the dough!

Q: Why’d he stay with the business?

A: Because the bread was good.
Q: Why did the sesame seed spend the whole night at the craps table?

A: Because he was on a roll!

Q: Why did the State Gaming Commission raid Senor La Fiesta restaurant?

A: They heard they were making their own chips.

3 Responses to “Gambling Baker Puns”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Hehe. I like those!

  2. Tommy Says:

    This one has nothing to do with food, and well… it’s a little dirty (kids, cover your eyes), but it was told to me by a very grizzled old-school reporter at a newspaper I used to work at, and it’s one of my favorite jokes…

    Q: What is the surgical procedure by which a woman has a sex-change operation?

    A: An addadictomy.

    Hope y’all enjoyed that,

  3. MIL Says:

    More jokes….many more jokes. Laughter aids in digestion I’ve heard. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

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