Corduroy Orange Temporarily Offline

Loyal supporters of Corduroy Orange –

Mr. Orange asked me to let you know that Corduroy Orange will be offline for the next few days due to the fact that he broke his ankle quite severely. Although I did not witness the act, I can report that the results are pretty stunning, placing him off of his feet for at least the next three months. However, that means that while there will be no posts in the recent futre, I’m sure there will be quite a few once he returns later this week. In fact, I know he already has some not-so-rave reports to give about emergency room food.

In the meantime, this is your chance to email Corduroy your questions about food, kitchens, eating, and everything in between! He’ll have limited kitchen mobility to create new recipes, but he still has lots of fun and random culinary knowledge to dispense.

Mrs. Orange.

6 Responses to “Corduroy Orange Temporarily Offline”

  1. kari Says:

    good god! Senior Orange, I wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. MIL Says:

    Senior Orange: (that does have a nice ring, Kari is right)….take good care of the damaged tibia and fibula….we’ll look forward to reading up on whatever random culinary knowledge you wish to share when able.


  3. alison Says:

    What? We just saw you standing on both feet…what a bummer! Feel better soon!! A + P

  4. justin Says:

    get better mr orange. what happened, and did it have anything to do with the fishy jokes? did you slip off your perch?

  5. Corduroy Orange » Blog Archive » What It’s Like to Be Married to / Live With a Chef Says:

    [...] 2) Before he broke his ankle, Jesse really did do 85% of the cooking in our house, which was wonderful. Since then, the breakdown has obviously been quite different, but as I’m sure you all can attest, it’s really nice if someone else does 85% of anything in a home, whether it’s cooking, dishes, sweeping, or laundry. However, when Jesse cooks, that ususally means I’m doing something else, like laundry or general clean-up and organization. Even so, I generally lead the charge on dishes and Jesse makes a lot of them when he cooks. When he first started ramping up his cooking style six-or-so years ago, he thought he was a television chef and created the requisite amount of dishes—one for every ingredient. When I finally thought I had gotten him away from that habit and down to a normal dish level, he went to culinary school and the pile of dishes grew even larger than it was before. I’m not going to say he’s back down to meals that fit in one pan, but he is very considerate of the number of dishes he creates, especially since he usually does the hand wash. [...]

  6. Corduroy Orange » Blog Archive » Why I Asked About Peanut Butter Sandwiches Says:

    [...] Long-term readers may already realize that I broke my ankle before Thanksgiving, and broke it pretty bad at that.  It took two surgeries, two stainless steel plates, and nineteen pins to piece me back together.  I’m still not walking smoothly without a cane.  It’s not a situation that lends itself to cooking full-time.  I will no longer be working in a commercial kitchen, and thus will no longer be surrounded by food all day.  In short, I will have to start carrying my lunch to work. [...]

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