Why You Should Read My Blog

Because, let’s face it, you don’t have to.

Read my blog or I'll skewer you for shish-kabob

There are lots of food blogs out there where you can get Recipes, Cooking Tips, descriptions of Farm Visits, Restaurant Reviews, and notes from the author’s Tastings, such as I’ll have here.

But from Corduroy Orange, you can also expect:

An Advice Column based on your letters. Have a question from the world of food? Want to know about the history of a certain dish, how to use an unfamiliar ingredient, or where your attempt at making something went wrong? Email me. If it’s an intelligent and/or interesting question, there’s a good chance I will post a carefully researched response to your query.

The best way to improve your results in your kitchen is to learn How to use your Knife Like a Pro. Good knife skills don’t just make your food look prettier. They also ensure that all of your vegetables cook at the same rate, thereby making your food taste better; increase your efficiency in the kitchen, thereby making your meals take less time to prepare; and increase your safety, thereby greatly reducing the chances you donate some of your blood to your food.

From time to time I come across a piece of an old text (often obscure) that relates somehow to the culinary realm. I’ll post these Unearthed Texts along with an brief essay explaining the text itself, if necessary, but more importantly explaining why I think the text is worth notice.

I’m a wellspring of Corn-y Jokes. Some of them might be worth a chuckle, but more likely they’re good for a groan. They’re especially useful if you need to entertain a grade-schooler for a short period of time.

Plus, you can expect to see an occasional Rant when something relevant gets my blood flowing.

So, read my blog! It’ll be worth your time.